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Strolling Musicians Fiddle and Drum and then some!
See some pictures of some of the musical instruments we have on hand.
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     Fiddler Woman, Beverley Conrad, has performed throughout the northeast since 1980.   She has appeared at numerous festivals and living history events as a strolling fiddler and storyteller.   In a classroom, library, or museum setting she delights audiences with a lively demonstration of just what a fiddle can do and tells tall tales and stories to boot!.   Participation in dance is encouraged as  she demonstrates the basics of old time flat foot clogging.   Given an assistant she enjoys sharing her knowledge by  inviting the audience to try out a fiddle and bow.

     Beverley has been featured in Fiddler Magazine and is a contributing editor to The National Old Time Fiddlers News where she pens the Teacher’s Tips column and answers questions about all things fiddle in Ask Beverley.

     Her music has been included in several films and educational programs which include “The Boys in Blue and Gray” by Luminence Films, and "The People's Bridge" a WHP-21 production.

     Luke Glick, the heartbeat of The Lowlander Highlanders, plays a variety of rhythm instruments which include the bodhran drum (aka the Irish Drum) djembe, homemade log drums, catpaws, bones, jaw harp and other rhythm instruments of his own design.
     A  talented woodworker by trade, Luke has  made several of the instruments used for demonstration and performance.   He shares his knowledge of both bodhran, bones, spoons and jawharp and brings extras of some of these for audience participation.
     He has appeared at festivals , events, coffee houses and taverns throughout central Pennsylvania and is an active participant in living history events of the area.  Dressed in kilt and tartan he adds a colorful touch to events.

     As strolling musicians in a festival setting their music is easily moved from place to place as they stroll the grounds, stopping here and there for on the spot hands on demonstrations, or to drum up an impromptu dance session right there on the street. They can set up an area where different instruments are meant to be played by kids and grownups alike.  Some of the drums have been hand-hewn from Pennsylvania logs with the heads made from Pennsylvania deer hides.  Appalachian clogging dolls, "penny bones" for free give-aways, spoons, tambourines, triangles, rattles, as well as fiddles, are all there for anyone to try as well as a quick lesson on how to play it.

Groundhog Day in Punxsutawney, PA                                 A spoons lesson on Heritage Days in New Berlin, PA

Bev is an experienced hide worker, braintanning hides the old fashioned way and ready to tell all about the process to those who wish to know.  Items that have been braintanned and beaded are displayed as well as tartans of old.

     Luke brings a pocket full of “bones” made in his workshop and on hand for demonstrations.   He has made a cigar box fiddle which they often bring to events for show and tell.  Read more about it at Beverley's Learn to Fiddle website.

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