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Our Makin' Music Tent
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See a video of activities at our Music Tent from a video documentary fo Warrior Run Heritage Days by Slater Harrison

Our Makin' Music Tent  holds a wide variety of string and rhythm instruments that are meant to be looked at, picked up and played.  We bring several fiddles in different sizes,  fiddles of different sorts - tin toy fiddles, spike fiddle, fiddlestick for fiddling up fishing worms (that's what my Grandpap told me), electronic fiddles, cornstalk fiddle, stump fiddle as well as show and tell items pertaining to the fiddle and bow.  Horsehair, catgut, a big block of rosin and more.

We have a variety of rhythm instruments - some that we make, some that we find.  Turtle shell rattle, cow horn rattles of different styles, homemade log drums, spoons and bones.  People who have been to our Makin' Music Tent are fascinated hearing how we made the drums.  So easy!  "First you find a hollow log..."

We have a small "dogbone drum" on hand - complete with the Dollar Store Rawhide Chew that was used for the head of the drum.  We have done hands-on demonstrations for groups on how this simple drum is made.

Our tent is 12' x 12'  and 15'  high at center.  It requires about 20' square of earth to set it up.  Rain or shine - it has proven to be a great addition to festivals and living history events.  Not only can people hear traditional music, but they can play along with us.  As a teaching tool and a way to hand down the tradition of old time music our hands on Makin' Music Tent is just what the aspiring musician needs.