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Beverley Conrad and Luke Glick
          Beverley Conrad has been playing the violin since she was a kid in upstate New York.  Early exposure to the    music came by way of Sunday dinners at Grandpa Conrad's house where he played fiddle and sang tunes as a way of entertaining the family.  When she was six years old he gave her a fiddle and she took classical violin lessons for eight years during elementary school.  When she was twelve she threw her violin at a mouse.  Not being able to afford a new one or violin lessons once out of elementary school, she pretty much gave it up until 1973 when she found her Grandpa's fiddle in a closet and started dabbling with it.  Then started the long trek of learning to play fiddle most of which came by way of talking with other fiddlers and learning from them.

           In 1987 Beverley moved to Pennsylvania with her husband and gained more exposure to fiddling and old time music by way of regularly attending a local jam session at the Jersey Town Tavern as well as getting together with other musicians to play.  Her first paying gig as a fiddler was at Penn's Tavern in Fisher's Ferry, PA in 1992 where the owner offered her a job as a strolling fiddler.  She played there most every Saturday night for over twelve years.  Early on during that time someone wanted a strolling fiddler at the Selinsgrove Street Fair and called Bev.  Then more places locally that needed a fiddler to come play some tunes called Bev.  Then people who wanted to learn how to play called Bev.
     Now Beverley performs and teaches about the fiddle at a great many festivals, museums, schools, community centers, restaurants - you have it - throughout Pennsylvania.  She has a steady line of fiddle students and has been writing the “Teacher's Tips” column and “Ask Beverley” question and answer column for the National Old Time Fiddlers News (Weiser, ID) since the summer of 2000.  She has released four albums of old time and traditional music, her first in 1998 with her husband, Greg Burgess, and three more recently with Luke Glick.  Her music has been included in several TV documentaries and “The Boys in Blue and Gray” by Luminence Films as well as educational films.

      Beverley is included in the Central Pennsylvania Folk Arts Roster in conjunction with the Pennsylvania Partners in the Arts as a living tradtional folk artist.

           Luke Glick is a relative newcomer to music having teamed up with Bev in 2003 to perform with her as a drummer.  He has since learned from other musicians and hands-on experience how to play bones, spoons, jawharp, penny whistle, octave fiddle and fiddle, djembe and of course, the bodhran.  He demonstrates and tells about these instruments and is able to teach others the basics of how to play them.  
          Luke is a talented woodworker and makes many of the instruments displayed at their Making Music Tent.  Having been a trapper and hunter for years, Luke also makes instruments from natural sources such as the deer toe rattler and steer horn rattle.  He jumped right in with both feet when Bev started booking festivals and has become an engaging speaker and seasoned musician on stage and in front of groups.  Luke engineers the logistics of setting up the tent and getting the two of them and all their stuff from one place to the other.
     Beverley and Luke have appeared at Warrior Run - Fort Freeland Heritage Days, Danville Iron Heritage Days, Eckley Miner's Village, Bethlehem Celtic Classic, Pennsylvania Maple Festival in Meyersdale, PA, Groundhog Day in Punxsutawney, Kutztown Folk Festival, Westmoreland Arts and Crafts Festival, Touchstone Arts and Crafts Center, Northumberland History Day, the Pennsylvania Heritage Festival and many other community events.  They keep busy playing music and sharing the joy of joining in on the fun.

      In 2008 Beverley and Luke were awarded a grant through the Pennsylvania Partners in the Arts that will help them to bring their music and their Music Tent to more communities in the region.