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Lowlander Highlanders Scrapbook

At Warrior Run- Fort Freeland Heritage Days in 2006.

Bethlehem Celtic Classic 2008 - We got flooded off stage when the Monocacy Creek went out of its banks.  I had to take this picture really quickly because the water was rising fast as we hurried up and packed up our tent.
A special Thanks! to the nice man from Booklyn, NY who helped us pack up and get to higher ground.  Thanks, Albert!

Bev and Luke at Punxsutawney 2007 with a Giant Groundhog Ice Sculpture.

Bev amd Luke with Red McWilliams, American's Celt, at the Fort Armstrong Folk Festival in Kittanning, PA 2008.
 Red is about as kind and gracious a person as you will ever meet.  He sings good, too.

Jamming with the Westend Bluegrass Gang.  I'm holding my fiddle down so I can hear what they're doing.  Sully, the guy with the banjo makes straps for instruments.  Check it out at Sully's Straps.